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Increase your school attendance rate AND save money with Midlab’s innovative cleaning solutions!

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Learning these ABC’s will keep your school safe & your students healthy…

We understand your need for a simplified cleaning process for your janitorial team. We also understand the importance of easy, innovative training solutions.

With Midlab, cleaning your school and training your team will be as easy as ABC.

Introducing Facility+ by Maxim

Specially-formulated with school settings in mind, our Facility+ product line is a ONE-STEP cleaner, disinfectant, and deodorant developed for use around students.

This three-in-one, flu-fighting disinfectant doesn’t cut corners when it comes to cleaning. Its hydrogen peroxide-based formula is safe on almost any nonporous surface and tough on germs that can make your students sick.

Innovative FlexMax Packaging for Your Floor Care

To further cut down on waste while still keeping everything maintained, we created space-saving, easy-to-use FlexMax™ Packaging for use with all Maxim-brand floor strippers and finishes.

Safe and Easy Training for Your Janitorial Team

Because we truly believe your school and its students deserve the best, we created the PLUS Label System™ — our most innovative solution yet! This universally-understood label system is great for combating product misuse that can lead to left-behind germs, so we put it on all Maxim-brand products as an added benefit to you!

Why Schools?

At Midlab, safety is our number one priority. At school, your students are yours. We’re passionate about partnering with schools because…

We’re confident in our ability to keep your facility clean and your students healthy.
Our innovative products and solutions are designed to be:
  • Budget Friendly
  • Tough on Germs
  • Safer for Schools
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Time-Saving
  • Versatile

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